Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check out our FAQ and it might already be answered!


  • Can I purchase eMeasure?

    eMeasure is no longer available for new customers to trial, rent or purchase.


  • What file formats do you guys support?

    We support PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, DWG, DXF, DWF, DWFX, DGN, JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP. Plus, while many programs convert all files to an image format such as TIF, we keep the drawing in its native format and use the individual elements in the drawing to make your takeoff faster!

  • Do you work with metric or imperial measurement?

    Both are supported in eMeasure.

  • How can I learn more about all eMeasure features available?

    For a simple summary of the features available, go to our homepage and scroll down to see the Features list.

    For a more comprehensive summary, you can view our Training Videos or read through our Documentation.


  • Can I use it on my tablet or phone? Do you have an internet version?

    Because we want eMeasure to be the most affordable product possible, we only offer it as a standalone version on your computer.

  • What about on my Mac?

    You can definitely still use eMeasure on an Apple computer. Just make sure that Windows is installed, which can easily be done using Bootcamp, Parallels or VMWare. You’ll also need Windows Excel® installed for the Excel® add-in (It’s not compatible with the Apple version of Excel®). You can find more information on Bootcamp here: If you’re not sure about how to set up eMeasure on a Mac, don’t hesitate to contact our Support here.

  • Does eMeasure come with a copy of Excel®?

    eMeasure includes our takeoff and an Excel® add-in, but you must already have Microsoft Excel® installed on your computer to be able to use the add-in. It’s not included with our program. Please note, while there are many other spreadsheet programs out there, eMeasure is only compatible with Microsoft Excel® at this time.

  • Can I use the program if I don’t have Excel®?

    You can certainly use the takeoff side of eMeasure if you don’t have Excel® on your computer, which will allow you to takeoff all your quantities. However, you won’t be able to use the Excel® add-in with live-links to the takeoff. So, in order to fully experience the power of eMeasure, Excel® is recommended.

  • What happens if my anti-virus or firewall blocks eMeasure?

    eMeasure is safe to download onto your computer, and we have taken steps to ensure that the product is able to download without interference from firewall or anti-virus programs. However if you do get a notification that is preventing eMeasure from installing or starting, please contact our support here and we will guide you through how to resolve this issue.

  • If I use eMeasure, do you have access to my plans or costing data? I don’t want my confidential data viewed.

    We do not have the ability to view any users plans or costing data, and so there is no chance that it can be accessed by us. So worry not!

  • What’s the best specs for using eMeasure?

    Your modern hardware should handle the job easily but it really depends on the drawings you work with. Supported operating systems include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you’d like our System Requirements document, you can view it here.

  • I’m not so good with computers, is eMeasure going to be too advanced for me?

    It shouldn’t be! eMeasure is designed to be extremely simple to use, with no tricky parts. Remember, we have easy to follow training videos and 24 hour support to help you get comfortable with using eMeasure as quickly as possible.

  • How do I export or import a project?

    To export an eMeasure project, make sure the required project is open then click on the File tab in eMeasure and then select ‘Export Project’. Choose a name and Save it to a safe location. This creates an EMR file.

    To import an EMR file (eMeasure project) into eMeasure, open eMeasure and then click on the File tab and select ‘Import Project’. Select the file and press ‘Open’. An Import Complete message will display. Click OK.

    You may have to remap your drawings if they are not accessible from the same location as the old computer. Firstly, make sure you have the drawings accessible (preferably all in the same folder), then open the Project Properties in the File Tab. Click the ellipsis (three dots) button next to the Base Drawing Path and choose the appropriate folder. Then Press OK. If when you try to open a drawing you receive a message noting eMeasure is unable to open the drawing, click OK and a box will open to enable you to map the new file path.

    Please watch our training video regarding ‘Importing & Exporting a Project‘ for more.

  • I have another technical question that isn’t answered here.

    Check out our Support page and your answer may be found in our Documentation or Training Videos sections. Or, if you’re under maintenance, just click here to contact our Support team.

(!) Please note that eMeasure is no longer available to purchase or rent. RIB Software have taken this decision so that development efforts can be focussed on RIB’s flagship iTWO costX range. Click here to find out more about iTWO costX takeoff 2D, which features the same underlying engine and workflows as eMeasure, plus several other advanced features.