Three Estimating Features That Set eMeasure Apart

Available at a rental cost of just over $10 a week, it’s no secret that eMeasure is an affordable and practical software option for small businesses. There are plenty of other takeoff software solutions on the market, but we believe that ours is a cut above when you take value-for-money into account.

Our latest blog post covers three of the innovative features that make eMeasure a fantastic option for new and experienced software users looking to improve their processes.

Smart Snap Tools
All estimating software will help you get the job done quicker, but eMeasure’s Smart Snap Tools function takes things a step further.

The feature is designed to make the most of the data found within CAD and vector PDF files. eMeasure allows users to measure through polylines that the architect has put in place, meaning you can determine the area of a whole room with a single click. If you’re working through a plan that has a large of number of rooms and individual areas, this can save a lot of time. You can also use Smart Snap Tools to measure specific lengths if need be, such as the perimeter dimensions of a kitchen in a house plan. Simply hold down the L key on your keyboard and navigate around your drawing for quick and easy length takeoff. It’s even possible to perform quick counts of identical block items using Smart Snap Tools, which is a handy feature if you are working with very detailed drawing files.

View in 3D
Visualising in 3D is a great way to check the accuracy of your complete takeoff, by ensuring that everything appears as it should. Most software options at this price-point don’t offer 3D functionality at all, but eMeasure features a View in 3D mode that allows users to track their progress efficiently.

If you’re looking to get a real feel for the 2D measurements you have input, View in 3D is a useful feature. Users can spot mistakes on the 3D view that they may have otherwise overlooked if working off a simple plan or spreadsheet.

eMeasure Microsoft Excel® Add-In
Excel® is a widely-used tool for takeoff and estimating, but not all takeoff platforms are purpose-designed to integrate with the spreadsheet program. Our platform includes an advanced tool for integration called eMeasure XL.

The add-in allows the two systems to interact with one another for a quick and easy workflow. Once eMeasure is installed on your workstation, an eMeasure XL icon will appear within the Microsoft Excel® ribbon menu. Users can then choose the Connect button and select any eMeasure project from a drop-down menu.

From this task pane, eMeasure users can simply drag and drop in their measured items to create a live-link between the drawing file and spreadsheet. Those who aren’t experienced in Microsoft Excel® can quickly come to terms with our add-in thanks to our instructional video on the subject.

Experience eMeasure for Yourself with a Free 14 Day Trial
If you’re looking to get started with digital takeoff software, you can sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of eMeasure at this link. You will receive a fully-functional version of eMeasure for 14 days, with no credit card details required.

For more information on how eMeasure can help you improve your estimating processes, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team today!

(!) Please note that eMeasure is no longer available to purchase or rent. RIB Software have taken this decision so that development efforts can be focussed on RIB’s flagship iTWO costX range. Click here to find out more about iTWO costX takeoff 2D, which features the same underlying engine and workflows as eMeasure, plus several other advanced features.