Three Disadvantages of Avoiding Takeoff Software

Doing Business in a Competitive Market: Three Disadvantages of Avoiding Takeoff Software

All industries are challenged by new technology at one stage or another, and it’s easy to be left behind if you make the wrong decision. Early adopters are often stung by putting their faith in a technology that never takes off, while those who refuse to consider new ideas can be overtaken by their competitors.

When it comes to construction, there is a host of advanced software available to those who want to look to the future. Many of these platforms are financially out-of-reach to the average subcontractor, but streamlined takeoff software is now easily affordable to professionals at all levels of the construction industry.

Our latest blog covers the major disadvantages you can expect when going without takeoff software in an increasingly digitized industry.

1.You’ll Find It Harder to Compete on Price

Construction professionals often find themselves walking a fine line when it comes to profit margins. A single oversight or miscalculation can result in hours of effort to fix the problem, which can seriously harm their bottom line. Efficient takeoff software eliminates this risk, giving users the confidence to provide more competitive quotes to customers.

You’re also missing out on speed advantages if you go without takeoff software. You can cut hours out of the entire process by not physically measuring anything, freeing up more time to ensure everything is presented exactly as you wish. These efficiency benefits make it easier to schedule work and get more done on a weekly or monthly basis.

2.You’re Likely to Produce Less Accurate or Consistent Estimates

Accurate quantity takeoffs are vital throughout the lifecycle of your project, from conception through construction. Last-minute calculations are common for those who work in construction industries. Rushing through late measurements can be a risky practice without quality software, and a single misstep can send your project into the red. Streamlined takeoff programs produce super-accurate measurements that can set your mind at ease when you’re working against the clock.

Takeoff software also allows for greater project consistency when it comes to time investment. In the past, the time you’d need to complete an entire estimating job differed greatly case-by-case. Professionals who use streamlined takeoff software can feel much more confident now when planning their schedule.

3.You Might Appear Less Professional in the Eyes of Customers

Customers in 2018 want absolute accuracy and the highest possible standard of service. There has traditionally been a lot of guesswork in measuring, but standards have changed with the arrival of takeoff software. Those who stick faithfully to older methods may risk alienating the new customers that come their way.

It is common knowledge now that forward-thinking estimators use quality software to deliver the best possible price to customers. This doesn’t mean that those who use traditional methods can’t offer competitive pricing, but the humble scale ruler has its limitations in 2018.

There are still common misconceptions about takeoff software, and many of those who refuse to adopt new platforms don’t fully understand or trust them. In 2018, these ideas need to be re-assessed. The financial outlay is very manageable, and the benefits can be enormous. There’s no substitute for industry experience, but takeoff software lets you showcase your knowledge and tricks of the trade efficiently and accurately.

Make the Switch from Scale Ruler to eMeasure

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(!) Please note that eMeasure is no longer available to purchase or rent. RIB Software have taken this decision so that development efforts can be focussed on RIB’s flagship iTWO costX range. Click here to find out more about iTWO costX takeoff 2D, which features the same underlying engine and workflows as eMeasure, plus several other advanced features.