New Year, New Software: Why You Should Start 2019 with eMeasure

Many professionals spend December reflecting upon their work achievements throughout the year, and this soul-searching often uncovers room for improvement. For those in the estimating field, reluctance to make an investment in digital takeoff software may have seen you placed at a competitive disadvantage in 2018.

For our latest blog post, we’ve listed several reasons why now is the ideal time to implement a digital takeoff solution to drive the future of your business.

Consistency, Accuracy and Reliability

We have reached a point in the evolution of takeoff software where the benefits are plain for all to see. Users can quickly and efficiently complete simple or complex projects in a fraction of the time possible with manual techniques.

The mistakes and re-measurements that are common with manual estimating are no longer a significant factor. Before long, you will be able to pinpoint how long a specific project will take and find that you’re consistently getting the job done in the allotted time.

Many of the businesses that utilize takeoff software are part of rapidly changing industries. Rising labor and equipment costs, as well as greater competition, are making it more and more difficult to stay afloat. Software solutions can help improve your productivity; you will be able to take on more work than was previously possible, safe in the knowledge that your new investment will support these increased responsibilities.

Show Your Clients That You’re Up-To-Date with New Methods

Heading into 2019, it is fair to say that digital takeoff software is more than just a passing trend. Very few professionals are persevering with measuring and calculating by hand when more efficient options are available.

When it comes to attracting new clients, it is hard to convince prospective customers that you are getting the job done in the quickest time possible with old methods. Implementing a tried-and-tested technology demonstrates that you are willing to look to the future, despite your extensive experience with older methods of measurement. Taking on a software option does not mean your previous expertise goes out the window – there will still be plenty of situations when you get to apply your deep knowledge effectively.

You Can Give It a Try for Free with No Obligations!

The upfront cost of digital takeoff software is one of the main sticking points with those shopping for a new solution. Binding rental options or steep costs for an outright purchase can deter customers before they investigate the software further.

New customers can access eMeasure today with a free two-week trial. You aren’t required to provide credit card details, nor hit with a barrage of follow-up emails if you decide that the software is not for you. The software allows you to accurately measure from plans and blueprints with ease, before dragging and dropping these figures directly into a spreadsheet. A range of additional features to suit numerous industries are included with the software – you will have all the tools necessary to transform your estimating.

If you’re planning on starting out your 2019 estimating on the right foot, now is the perfect time to test eMeasure and learn how it can support your professional needs. We’re very confident that the value will be plain to see. To claim your free trial, visit our website today!

(!) Please note that eMeasure is no longer available to purchase or rent. RIB Software have taken this decision so that development efforts can be focussed on RIB’s flagship iTWO costX range. Click here to find out more about iTWO costX takeoff 2D, which features the same underlying engine and workflows as eMeasure, plus several other advanced features.