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22Aug 2019

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4Jul 2019

Construction Challenges: Five Factors That Small Businesses Face

Building and maintaining a small business is a difficult proposition, and construction contracting firms face more challenges than most in the quest for profit. From rising material costs to labor shortages and insurance, we have detailed some of the primary difficulties facing construction businesses in our changing industry. Labor Shortages

4Jun 2019

Modular Construction: A Rising Trend in Our Industry

It’s no secret that construction is rapidly evolving, with cost considerations and efficiency now of greater importance than ever before. This shift has encouraged managers on both small and large projects to consider a range of different delivery methods. While a lot of research and effort is going into revolutionary

8Apr 2019

Lean Construction: Do the Principles Apply to Independent Contractors?

The methodologies of lean construction are being widely adopted on major construction projects in an effort to establish greater control and minimize waste. Our industry is traditionally slow to embrace change, but we are beginning to see more rapid adoption of technologies and innovative principles. Concepts such as lean construction

4Dec 2018

New Year, New Software: Why You Should Start 2019 with eMeasure

Many professionals spend December reflecting upon their work achievements throughout the year, and this soul-searching often uncovers room for improvement. For those in the estimating field, reluctance to make an investment in digital takeoff software may have seen you placed at a competitive disadvantage in 2018. For our latest blog

30Oct 2018

Three Estimating Features That Set eMeasure Apart

Available at a rental cost of just over $10 a week, it’s no secret that eMeasure is an affordable and practical software option for small businesses. There are plenty of other takeoff software solutions on the market, but we believe that ours is a cut above when you take value-for-money

27Sep 2018

How Technology is Changing the Estimating Profession

Numerous construction industries have been transformed by the advent of new technologies, but few job descriptions have changed quite as much as the estimator. An estimator traditionally delivers measurement services and bids in an effort to establish scope and feasibility. This means hours and hours of manual takeoff and document

27Jun 2018

Three Disadvantages of Avoiding Takeoff Software

Doing Business in a Competitive Market: Three Disadvantages of Avoiding Takeoff Software All industries are challenged by new technology at one stage or another, and it’s easy to be left behind if you make the wrong decision. Early adopters are often stung by putting their faith in a technology that

16May 2018

Differentiating Features of eMeasure

There are so many take-off and estimating solutions in the market today – each pledging revolutionary technologies to supercharge your business. From full suite estimating software, to sleek digitizers; how does eMeasure actually weigh in against all these seemingly alluring alternatives? Today, we will explore 3 notable features which differentiate

17Apr 2018

Why Excel is the most popular estimating tool.

The use of spreadsheets, or namely Excel – the de facto King of all spreadsheets – has always been the most popular tool amongst Estimators. Since inception, estimators have inevitably gravitated towards Excel and to date, many still heavily swear by it. Today we will explore why Excel, a seemingly

Going paperless
26Mar 2018

Benefits of going Paperless

There is no doubt physical documentation & storage have aided companies in organizing their documents for decades, however, as we move into the digital age, the question comes up as to how reliable or relevant physical documentation is? While the notion of working “paperless” may merely seem like a strategic

6Mar 2018

The Real Reason Stopping you from moving to Digital Takeoff

If you are still practising manual takeoff, then you may wonder if you are truly satisfied, or simply a victim of complacency? As the saying goes, “Success breeds complacency, in turn, complacency breeds failure.” You may think that it is foolish trying to reinvent the wheel, however, digital takeoff, which

15Feb 2018

Increasing Return on Investment- How to Bring in Big Profits

It goes without saying that producing fast and accurate estimates is how contractors win more jobs. However, if you are still working with manual takeoff, then you probably aren’t as fast and accurate as you think you are. Some seasoned professionals may ask “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

(!) Please note that eMeasure is no longer available to purchase or rent. RIB Software have taken this decision so that development efforts can be focussed on RIB’s flagship iTWO costX range. Click here to find out more about iTWO costX takeoff 2D, which features the same underlying engine and workflows as eMeasure, plus several other advanced features.