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eMeasure is an Exactal Logo company

Exactal is a leading construction software company committed to innovation, service delivery and technological advances in estimating. The company was first established in October 2003 to develop software that integrated CAD drawings into the estimating process. More than fifteen years later, Exactal has exceeded 15,000 licence sales in over 90 countries worldwide.

Our flagship product CostX®, developed from our Brisbane office, hit the market in July of 2004. CostX® stood above other software in the field due to support for bi-directional links between the estimate and the sections of the drawing represented. By tying measurements to the elements available in CAD drawings, CostX® provided users with efficiency advantages that they could not find elsewhere.

CostX® is now widely used to improve accuracy and efficiency in quantity surveying, construction, subcontracting and estimating, with businesses large and small making use of the software across a variety of applications.

The CostX® range includes CostX®, CostX® 2D, CostX® Takeoff and CostX® Takeoff 2D. Exactal also provides a range of other practical construction products for users. CostX® Benchmark, our fully web-based solution for benchmarking and conceptual estimating, was released in April 2019. The platform allows users to analyse their previous project data to create accurate conceptual estimates and project benchmarks.

We also offer an affordable and streamlined estimating solution with our eMeasure platform. eMeasure combines our industry-leading 2D takeoff technology with a Microsoft Excel add-in. When you purchase eMeasure technology you are buying established software that has proven itself on the world stage. The interface for eMeasure has been specifically modified to make it simpler to do the tasks that you need the most. Best of all, eMeasure is priced so everyone can enjoy the benefits of world class technology.

Exactal operates from nine worldwide offices as part of our ongoing commitment to providing reliable in-country support to customers. 2018 saw the opening of offices in Sydney and the United Arab Emirates, to go along with our existing offices in Brisbane, London, Auckland, Austin (USA), Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Our brand operates with a clear mission in mind – to support all worldwide clients by providing the best estimating software on the market. This can only be achieved through a commitment to ongoing product innovation and strong market awareness. Our product range is regularly updated to provide new functionalities in response to client feedback and industry evolution.

We believe in clear and reliable communication at Exactal and offer dedicated in-house support to licence holders under maintenance. Our worldwide staff includes IT and quantity surveying specialists who possess a comprehensive knowledge of how users engage with our products.

We’re passionate about what we do here at Exactal, and our team are excited to help mould the next generation of estimating software. With 5D BIM growing in popularity and new technologies taking centre stage, we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Exactal is an RIB Software Company.